Laurence Acomb

Leonard Acomb, (1851-1921) was a native of Leeds, who in 1877 married Mary Price Rees, (1851–1927), from Llandeilo; the couple raised five children. He arrived in Aberdare in 1885 as a cashier at Brecon Old Bank (Wilkins’ Bank, now Lloyds Bank), and later became manager there. Mr. Acomb was elected parish warden in 1887 and was a prominent townsman, a churchwarden for many years, a founder member and President of Aberdare Naturalists' Society, and was High Constable in 1888. He lived for the latter part of his sojourn in Aberdare at Glanynys House off Cwmbach Road. After 13 years in the town, he moved in 1898 after promotion to the bank in Newport, from which he retired in 1915. He died in Somerset in 1921. His two sons were George Cecil Acomb, (1883–1927), a Newport solicitor, and Leonard Ernest Acomb, (1881–1940), a physician in Newport.